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UG4 ELECTRONICS LAB AND INDUSTRIES LTD having combined valuation of more than 110 Cr is diversified in consumer electronics, AMC services, real estate, equity market and fashion industry.

UG4 INDIA headquartered in Gurgaon is currently backing brands like UG4(Consumer electronics and fashion industry), HYAKUTECH (EV segment), EASYLY- (AMC and on site warranty) and UNIT.O(Real estate and equity segment).

As UG4 INDIA brand we are manufacturing and supplying white and brown goods like aircon, led television, stabilizers, washing machine, air cooler, ceiling fan, juicer mixer grinder and blowers having capacity of more than 1 lac units. UG4 INDIA have already signed a contract to launch a chain of its consumer electronics experience center in Delhi/ NCR in next 3 years and one of its kind is already in Gurgaon.

As HYAKUTECH we are in final stage of approvals in two wheelers EV segment and battery charging setup. In HYAKUTECH we are at prototype stage patents have been filed final approvals of designs have been done manufacturing is in process.

As EASYLY we are managing on site electronic cards for servicing and extended warranty segments. EASYLY has already ventured and signed a contract with GoWarranty in extended warranty segment only and also have launched on-site warranty cards.

As UNIT.O we are dealing in real estate and equity market consultancy and construction in Delhi/ NCR.

UG4 in fashion industry is manufacturing and supplying ranges of casual fashion as an OEM as well selling offline also.

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